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Content Management Solutions for Your Website.

Having a professionally designed website is key to the success of any Internet business. However, to realize the maximum profitability and potential from your website, you have to keep the content on your site fresh. Frequent content updates are one of the best ways to set your Internet business apart from those of your competitors with customers, prospective customers, and the every-important search engine spiders.

With Pixel Web Design’s content management solutions, there is no reason to ever let your website content become stale. There is also no reason to pay a professional web designer just to update content or make simple additions to or deletions from your site. You do not need to have technical or web development skills to keep your website up-to-date with Pixel Web Design’s content management software. Anyone with a computer, internet access, and basic word processing skills can update their own website with the help our content management software!

Pixel Web Design’s flexible and user-friendly php content management software puts complete control of your website at your fingertips. Our web-based content management software makes it easy for you to update the content on your website at any time, from any location. The web page editor in our content management software is browser-based, and can be used to edit existing pages, delete pages they no longer want, add new web pages, and upload images.

In addition to keeping the content of your website fresh, another important factor related to driving business to your site is search engine optimization (SEO). While not all content management systems have built-in SEO functionality, Pixel’s content management software is designed to help you easily develop search engine friendly web pages. With our content management software, users are able to customize their page titles and meta tags to target specific keyword searches.

Overview of features:

Content management made easy

Pixel Web Design Technical skills not required
Pixel Web Design Intuitive Interface
Pixel Web Design Real-time updates
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Pixel Web Design Easy SEO
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Frequently updated content a key factor in the long-term success of your Internet business. Get started today with Pixel Web Design’s easy solution for keeping your web site fresh, interesting, and at the top of the search engines.